Yeah... it all started here. This was the "throwing of the bat" before the first tour game of the first year of the tour. It was Friday, July 2, 2010. The game took place in Ewing Park, at Sanders Field, where Coach Potter played his ball as a youth and in high school.

Since 2010 this scene has been duplicated many, many times in many, many towns. Along the way the tour has changed and evolved in so many ways!

Although it is called a tour, the emphasis is not on elite baseball players.  Matter of fact, of the 115 players that have participated on a tour team, not one of them has played in the major leagues, or for that matter, been signed to a professional contract. Few have been fortunate enough to play college baseball, and others have even failed to make their high school team.  These kids just love and respect the game.

What the tour has given each and every one of the players ... and yes...the parents.. is an opportunity to do what the tour itself has done; change and evolve.  Most of the players have taken advantage of the tour and all of the opportunities to become more confident, a better team mate, and to better understand the concept of "giving back" and "paying forward".

Some have not.

You reap what you sow...........

It has been a great ride.

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