From the time that Jeff Potter could lift a baseball bat, he was playing the game of baseball. Growing up with three older brothers, he had no choice but to compete. Countless summer pick- up games "under the lights" in the small town of Ellwood City would make anyone a better ball player. 

Those experiences and that environment helped to mold Jeff into a well-rounded ball player -- one good enough to sign a contract with the Detroit Tigers out of high school. Taken in the 6th round of the 1972 draft, the left-handed pitcher left for Lakeland, Florida with big dreams. Turning down several college offers, he wanted to do nothing but play baseball.

Dreams many times get shattered, however, and Jeff's once-promising career was over in the blink of an eye or, in this case, a break of a wrist. All of a sudden, it was over. 

For close to 30 years, all was forgotten.

Until...along came a son. Who loved baseball. The rest is history. 

Not just more baseball, but baseball done the right way, for the right reason, with the right people. 

Come join in with the thousands of people that believe in Potter Baseball -- what it means, what it will become and what impact it has on so many people.

Welcome to life with Jeff.

Time to have fun!

Coach Potter's favorite picture

Coach Potter's favorite .... favorite... favorite ... picture

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