The cornerstones of being a good ball player are the same as those of being a good person. Qualities of passion, hard work, respect, and selflessness  transcend ball fields, basketball and volleyball courts and all other youth sport settings. They are also timeless, igniting the best in kids and adults alike.

Jeff Potter is a sought-after speaker for classroom, community and corporate events. He has a knack for connecting with every audience -- and connecting every participant to his or her passion. 

Here are just some of the topics he's covered:

  • Coach Potter's Four Tenets:  Passion, Hard Work, Respect, & Selflessness
  • Anti-bullying
  • Whatever Happened to Baseball?
  • Finding and Following Your Passion
  • Overcoming Bullying
  • Being a Good Teammate
  • Character Development

  • Giving back

  • Helping others

Just some of the schools visited by Coach Potter:

Brockway Elementary, Brockway, PA

Center Ave. Elementary, Butler Area School District, PA

Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School, Hanover, MD

James Madison Middle School, Upper Marlboro, MD

Kiski Area Upper Elementary, Apollo, PA

Lenape Elementary, Armstrong School District, PA

Neshannock Middle School, New Castle, PA

If you'd like for Jeff to address your group, contact him directly at potterbaseball@verizon.net or 410-562-4463.

Coach Potter speaking to Elementary School students in Kiski, PA about Flight 93.

Jeff Potter Speaking in a Classroom

Coach Potter speaker to Middle School students in Neshannock, PA about Flight 93.

Coach Potter relating to the kids at an assembly in at the New Castle Elementary School

"I wanted to let you know that if my students could only have had one speaker today, I would have chosen you. I worry that many of the students I teach still have only fantasy career aspirations. Every interaction you had with one of my students was right on the money, from when you asked [one] to stand up and sing a duet with you, to when you suggested to [another] that she could be an author. You made them reflect and think about their potential careers in a way that no one else I saw came close to." - Ms. M, Teacher