Coach Potter got back into youth sports when Eric was 13.  He had spent the prior years on the bleachers watching other coaches on the field, and he did not like what he saw.  He respected the coaches and did not try to step in and tell them how to coach.    

Some of his pet peeves while watching from the bleachers include, Unfair distribution of playing time, too much (too talented to sit) or too little (not talented enough), Kids not being able to try other positions, Pitchers pitching too many innings in the 'spirit of winning a game' When Eric was 13, Coach decided that he had spent enough time in the bleachers and became the coach for Eric's team.  He executed on his beliefs. All players sat the bench to give everyone on the team a chance to develop their skills, even Eric. Kids were able to try all positions. Pitchers were not used at all costs to win a game.

He has continued to hold true to his belief that no individual player, no matter how talented, is bigger than the team.  In addition to playing baseball, the players are required to do community service and participate in charity fundraisers.  On the field and off the field, coach believes kids should always have fun and focus on the task at hand. Below are some pictures of Potter Pirate Players.