Coach Potter's first novel is a classic that will be very difficult to put down once you start reading. This is a book about "going back to a better time"... not only on the baseball field, but in life. The life lessons are here, right in front of us... they just need to be grabbed.  This book will take you back to your childhood, and remind you of all of the things that used to be special in life. Coachs' four tenets; passion, hard work, respect, and selflessness hit the nail on the head.  


Saving Baseball is the perfect book for anyone who wants to see past the chaos of today's youth sports, and is looking for the right path to put their child on. It relates not to just baseball but all other activities.

Coach Potter has truly found the secret to not only saving baseball, but saving ourselves. His suggestions of how to save baseball (and ourselves) are simply simple but effective. 


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