W H E R E   I S    P O P  U P   P O T T E R ?

Although Pop Up Potter (PUP) has spent the last couple of years spreading the message of Potter Baseball, 2015 will without a doubt be a "break out" year for  "Pop Up". He has spent the last few months putting together an incredible program that will take place next summer. 

It involves PUP being hidden in 250 different places throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and individuals having the opportunity to "find him" by the sport of geocaching. This will be done primarily through the working together with our support of the 2015 Ultimate Hike, and through the 2015 Potter Baseball Tour.

On May 1, 2015 this web site will display the locations  of 250 Pop Up Potters that will be scattered throughout the 26 tours stops and neighboring areas. Individuals will then be able to get personally involved with doing a good deed, getting some great exercise, learn a wonderful life lesson, and have fun. All at the same time!!! More details to follow.

Dear Coach Potter,

Mrs. Lucas gave me Pop Up Potter. The number on the back of my Pop Up Potter is 245. I am sending Pop Up Potter to my cousin Leacy. She lives in Kissimmee; Florida. I think people that play baseball should be kinder to others. People shouldn't be in baseball to win they should be in it to have fun, and winning should just be an extra bonus for them. People shouldn't discourage others. Instead they should encourage others. People should be lucky to even play baseball! The same should be for other sports.


Stephanie (Pogue)


Hi Coach:

My mom gave me Pop Up Potter #78. Something I think we can do to help save baseball is to have homerun derbies before or after the game. Another idea might be Around the Horn. Those games are always fun and gets the crowd into it. It'll make it more fun and less stressful. I'm going to pass my Pop Up Potter on to Vinny Pezuolo. He's a little kid just starting with baseball. Maybe we can teach him to have fun from the beginning.



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