The Potter Baseball Tour introduced the “Create a Golf Course” in 2014 to their long list of tour “themes” that had been used over the five years of the tour. This has always been something that Coach Potter had wanted to do but the timing was never right until he came in contact with four year old Jaxon Gibbs, and his family in Colonial heights, VA. Coach was referred to Jaxon to do a fundraiser for him, and he asked his mom what Jaxon liked doing. The answer was GOLF.

It was finally the right timing for Coach Potter’s golf idea!

The concept was to create a 18 hole golf course which included tee areas, pins with attached flags, and circles around the pins which was the general method in which score was kept.  There were several things that Coach wanted to accomplish with the building of the golf course, and they were all achieved.

       1. Make it fun

      2. Make it easy to play

      3. Make it easy to build

      4. Empower kids to get involved

      5. Make it an opportunity to create a fundraiser

 The first challenge was to create pins and flags in a non cumbersome and inexpensive manner, yet sturdy enough to be able to handle the weather conditions. Because we needed a place to construct this golf course that would probably be “public property’, we also did not want to create a “mess" with digging holes, etc. So we needed to find a way to make the construction of the pins “no maintenance’. We did this by putting a piece of 12” rebars half way in the ground, which created a very solid anchor. We then inserted some PVC pipe which slipped right over the rebar to create a solid maintenance free pin. The pins were created, and they stood approximately 6 feet high. The next step was to create “flags”. This was accomplished by purchasing 36’ x 48” tri-fold colored cardboard. Because we wanted the flags different shapes and colors, this was perfect. The cardboard came in four different colors; green, blue, yellow, and red.   (Make it easy to build).

                The making of the flags was the fun part (Make it fun). We wanted a theme for the flags so they all were created with something in mind. Any idea could have been used, but we had all the flags have something to do with the 2014 tour which we were on. The flags were different colors, different shapes, and different subject matters. The flags were made by different groups of kids in schools or tour players or others (Empower kids to get involved).

                         Colonial Heights, VA was the venue for the golf event, which was lots of fun. This year the event will take place in Broadneck, MD, and possibly a few other locations.