Potter Baseball.... A Way of Life

We are very pleased to announce the roster for the 2016 Potter Tour . The team includes new and returning players from MD, PA ,VA. and SC. To see a full bio on each player, simply click on their name below.

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Ethan Brathuhn

Ethan Brathuhn loves playing baseball and made quite a few friends on both the 2014 and 2015 tour. The kids in all of the towns just love Ethan.

He will serve as one of the four interns on the tour, and I am sure he will spend lots of time giving his younger brother some very good advice about what to do... and NOT to do... on the tour.

Josh Albright (on the right) will be participating in his first tour in 2016, and it will be as an intern... working with the younger kids. Josh has participated in past tours as a player in Kent Island, MD. He will also help put together the Kent Island tour stop.

Evan Kalinski will be participating in his 4th consecutive tour, and this time he will be one of the interns working with the younger players. Coach Potter has known Evan for eight years, and it appears that Evan will be a "tour lifer".

Jackie Ritzer is returning for year #3, and will be one of the four interns who will help the younger kids by sharing his past tour experiences. As shown by the picture to the right, Jackie not only loves baseball, but he is pretty fond of the volleyball tournaments.

Logan Blevins fell in love with the tour as a spectator in 2015, and now will have the opportunity to be directly involved with his love of community service. Logan does NOT have a baseball background, but the relaxed atmosphere of baseball on the tour will make the transition to playing very easy.

Tyler Blevins will join big brother Logan this summer, and will be one of the three sets of brothers on the 2016 Potter Baseball Tour. Tyler LOVES baseball, especially spending time behind the plate. He went to Cooperstown in 2015 with Coach Potter, and now sees first hand what Potter Baseball is all about.

Zach Brathuhn has watched his big brother Ethan participate on the tour the last two years, and now it's his turn to take in the fun. Zach has participated in the last two tour stops in Manchester, MD... and now he is ready to hit the road with the big boys.

Zach Dennison spent a week last summer in Cooperstown with Coach Potter. He had a great time there, and perhaps he figures four weeks on the tour will be four times the fun. Zach loves competing in all sports, including hunting and fishing.

Jeremy Dodge got a taste of the tour as a participant in Kent Island last summer,  and then became a "guest" on the last week of the 2015 tour. He now is a believer in the tour, and will return to spread the message of fun, baseball, hard work, and "paying it forward". He also fell in love with the volleyball.

Joey Harrington will join his best friend Ryan Krohn on the tour in 2016. Joey also spent a week in Cooperstown in 2014 with Coach Potter. Joey plays basketball, and hopefully these skills will be helpful at our basketball sessions during the tour.

Lukas Hoffman Frederick, MD

Lukas Hoffman spent a couple days with the tour team in Confluence, PA in 2014. After playing some football and kick ball, going fishing and kayaking, building a fire, and eating some awesome meals... he was hooked.After a few days on the 2015 tour, he is now going to be an actual tour player in 2016.

Hunter Humphries is one of the five players from the Virginia Beach -- Chesapeake area who will takepart of the 2016 tour. He plays his baseball at Deep Creek Baseball in Chesapeake, VA, and he is super excited to go out on the tour.

Garrett Kreimer is from Walkersville, MD where he plays baseball. He was referred to Potter Baseball by a friend, and the tour experience was presented to the family. He is very excited for his first "Potter Experience".

Ryan Krohn was introduced to Potter Baseball several years ago through winter workouts run by Coach Potter. His love of the game, and his relationship with "Coach" have now given him experience as a Potter Pirate in Cooperstown and a member of the 2015 tour team.

Alex Lawson joins us from Cooksville, MD where he plays baseball for the Winfield Baseball organization. Alex was referred to Potter Baseball a couple of years ago, and Coach has always welcomed him to practices, scrimmages, and an open opportunity to play on one of his teams. Now he will be on the tour.

Tyler Ford is returning to the tour once again from the 2012 campaign. At that time, he was a 13 year old kid. Now he is coming back for awhile as a "special assistant" to Coach Potter. Tyler now lives in South Carolina. His experience to share with the younger kids will be invaluable.

Josh Martinez comes to the tour from Holabird Academy in Baltimore. Josh's presence on the tour is a collaboration between Coach Potter and Holabird teachers Andy Canterna, Brian Baker, and Ethan Glemaker. They are working together to support Josh's effort on the tour... and they will also host a tour stop.

Daniel Meyer joins the tour from Virginia Beach, VA. This is the first time in out five year relationship with the Virginia Beach Little League that we have had a player on the tour from that organization. Daniel loves baseball and skate boarding and he will alsohelp his family put together a soccer tournament.

Noah Wilkes comes to us from New Market, MD... and yes... he is another Cooperstown alumni. Noah loves the game of baseball, and the thought of four weeks of playing baseball "for the love of it" is too much for him to pass up.

Bryan Shirkey was referred to Coach by a former Cooperstown Potter Pirate as they were playing on the same BASKETBALL team. One thing led to another, and now, after spending  a week in Cooperstown in 2015,Bryan is going to give the tour a shot.

Jordan Soriano at 13 years old is a "veteran". He spent last summer going to Cooperstown AND on the tour. He was voted the one player that the most teammates wanted returning on the tour. His passion for baseball and overall respect for others is addicting.

Iain Taylor will join his twin brother Noah on the tour, and hopefully by the end of the 26 days, I will be able to tell them apart. Iain also plays soccer and runs cross county.

Noah Taylor and his twin brother Iain both participated in Cooperstown, and will now join forces on the tour. How will I be able to tell him apart from his twin brother? I have no idea.....

Matt Tennyson is a new player for Coach, but his family has been around for a long time. His family have been associated with Coach Potter since 2011, and with the tour since 2012. We look forward to Matt being as good as a representative as his older brother Tommy.