Preparations are in "full gear" for the start of the 2018 Potter Baseball Tour. Every year has brought new and rewarding tour stops, partnerships, events, and “causes", and the 2018 tour will be no different. We are super excited about this year's possibilities.

 The tour will acknowledge what its makeup really is in terms of people and towns. The 2018 tour will have 2 tour teams led by 2 returning tour players.

 Listed below is the tour schedule.




Full 2018 Tour Schedule

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 Tour Activity Card

For a snapshot of tour activities in a town near you check out the Tour Activity Card.

Sunday, July 1

Sun, JULY 14

Tues, JULY 2

Mon, JULY 15

Wed, JULY 3


 Tues, JULY 16

Thurs, JULY 4


Wed, JULY 17


Fri, JULY 5

Thurs, JULY 18


Sat, JULY 6

Fri, JULY 19


Sun, JULY 7

Sat, JULY 20

Mon, JULY 8

Sun, JULY 21



Tues, JULY 9


Mon, JULY 22

Wed, JULY 10

Tues, JULY 23

Thurs, JULY 11,


Wed, JULY 24


Fri, JULY 12

Thurs, JULY 25


Sat, JULY 13

Fri, JULY 26